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About Me

My name is Hannah Hurley and I am the Honeybee Tutor!

I graduated from William Jessup University in 2008.

I have been subbing throughout Placer County (EUSD, RUSD, RCSD, DCJSD, RASD, LUSD).

I am experienced with the curriculum in your student’s classroom.

I also have experience working with autism (2.5 months in an SDC classroom).

I became a teacher to impact the lives of others. I worked at Tricks Gymnastics for 3 years and realized that the opportunity to be a part of a child’s accomplishments is priceless. I soon found myself wanting to adjust curriculum to fit the needs of the students in my class. I am focused on finding students learning style and appropriating curricula to fit their needs, while also meeting state standards. I know that the “blanket” that education provides is not reaching every student. While we teachers struggle to not “to teach to the test” it sometimes seems impossible. I know the importance of education, state standards, and the differences in learning. I am dedicated to making a change in education.

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