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The Name

Honeybee Tutoring came from my desire to always have a honeybee as my classroom mascot. I thought that it would be so cute to have my class called “Mrs. Hurley’s Honeybees.” Until the day I get my own classroom, I was motivated to name my tutoring service after it. I was so excited about naming my class after the honeybees that I found a cute song to go with it.

“Honeybee Song” (to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot)

“I’m a little honeybee

yellow and black

see me gather pollen on my back

what the queen bee tells me

I must do

So I can make sweet honey for you”

Honeybee Tutoring is devoted to teaching and encouraging your child the best way that they learn. In a classroom setting, it is hard to explain concepts in a way that everyone understands. No student is uncapable of learning!! And every student has the right to learn! I am motivated to helping your student find their learning style and also use it with in the classroom.

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